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Oxford High School Media Center

OHS Media CenterThe primary philosophy of the Oxford City Board Of Education libraries is to meet the information and reading needs of students, faculty. In order to carry out this goal the library must first select and make accessible to students, faculty, and parents the best resources available to meet curriculum and individual needs.

The Library Media Program strives to create a learning atmosphere where students can reach their individual potential while being introduced to the information skills necessary to become lifelong learners. The program is based on the assumption that information skills should be integrated into the to]al curriculum. The Library Media Program reflects the philosophy, goals, and educational objectives of the Oxford City Board of Education.

The library media program is the only school program that links students, teaches, and students with information resources. The library media program has a special role in the school. That role involves three central ideas: collaboration, leadership, and technology. The library media specialist collaborates with students and with other teachers to analyze, to locate, and to use information. The library media specialist functions as a partner with teachers to guide students to develop information skills needed for success in life, The library media specialist provides leadership in acquiring and evaluating resources. Leadership is provided in areas of locating, accessing, and evaluating information with both students and faculty. The library media specialist works in an environment that has been profoundly affected by technology, therefore she or he must maintain skills that can deliver quality and ethical use of information found through technology.

By incorporating input from the entire staff and focusing on the experiences of the students, the Library Media Program aims to provide both physical and intellectual access to resources in all formats. These resources should support the curriculum and expose students to a variety of ideas, opinions, and cultures thus promoting good citizenship.

The Library Media Center should be the heart of the school. It should function as the information center supporting integrated, interdisciplinary and schoolwide learning experiences.